Monday, 7 April 2014

Earthsim and inSpace

Over the last few years it became harder to fund for the broad vision of the product we always wanted to build for Earthsim. We needed to take a different track if Earthsim was to become the full version of what we all wanted it to be.

We shifted focus to build something more mainstream. The new project is called inSpace.

inSpace is 2D/3D zooming desktop combined with a storage/file-sharing back end. It uses elements we developed in Earthsim and generalizes them further to enable a 3D zooming desktop.

inSpace will present four main spaces:

freindSpace for connecting to your friends
fileSpace for handling local and cloud stored files
appSpace for applications (which will include Earthsim)
webSpace for managing all your web links and web content in a 3D space

So our goal is to grow inSpace and use its success to support and incorporate Earthsim within it. This will enable us to make the 3D interactive universe as good as we always hoped.

Our next major Earthsim milestone is to include over 1000 newly discovered exoplanets and let you visit them as well as creating your own planets in your own user account. This will all be incorporated onto your inSpace account as an Earthsim 3D space that you can explore from inSpace.

You can find out more about inSpace at please sign up to the mailing list there or follow inSpace on twitter at to be invited onto inSpace.

You can download the last windows 7 beta version for Earthsim 2



  1. Is it normal if Chrome says "earthsim_setup_2_0_7_16248.exe" may be dangerous ?

  2. Is this project abandoned or something?