Saturday, 3 April 2010

Close up Mars craters

Seb has just got our latest data pipeline up for merging high resolution detail onto the surface of planets. Here are some pictures of the 2005 discovered Mars ice crater.

And here is a link the the actual photos from the Mars Express Probe.

I would like to add an effect on the ice so we can really make it stand out as it does in the photo but we are already pretty close.

In Earthsim1 we had to superimpose 3D geometry onto of the planet when we flew in close. It was not a seamless experience, the Earthsim1 technology could not support the massive detail of a high resolution planet that we can with Earthsim2

The Mars crater documentary is a good example of this. In ES2Alpha4 we have now got a truly integrated high resolution Mars crater. Infact we can now add high resolution detail wherever we want down to the centimetre level of accuracy if we want to.

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