Thursday, 2 September 2010

Beta1 Update

We made our first update release to the Earthsim2 Beta.

Your current ES2 version should auto update to it.

There are two changes to some fundamentals in this release:

1. Earthsim2 is now streaming planet data from a server. You may notice the download size of the new installer is only 33Meg. All the high res data for mars and earth streams now. This all means we can continue to increase Earthsim detail without changing the install package.

2. 'Sign In' is now supported. This means you will need to sign in with your normal earthsim account details or run as a free user. The sign in dialog box is clunky right now and we need to improve it. In the meantime i hope you can figure it out and get yourself logged in and get down to the surface of Mars.

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