Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Earthsim 2011 Review

Here is a video of what we worked on through 2011

Looking back I am happily surprised by how much we got done.

Our next step is to upgrade the 2D GUI system to a 3D one that fully integrates with the 3D world.

The 2D GUI we have been using in the beta has always been a place-holder for us, so I'm very excited to move to the final system. We simply call this the 3DUI and it completes the Earthsim Universe browser as a fully fledged 3D zooming user interface or 3DZUI

Once this is complete we can rapidly start adding new editing features to let you change more of the world. We will enable everyone with an Earthsim account to make and save changes into their own accounts and even create your own 3D spaces and documentaries about them.

At the same time we continue to improve the content within the Earthsim Universe itself. We are still heading toward the next major content milestone of including all the 700+ discovered exoplanets in the Earthsim Universe.

And the great music is from the album Internal, by Jamie Catto and Alex Forster, its due out in September on Sounds True USA. otherwise goto http://www.jamiecatto.com  

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