Monday, 16 August 2010

Some Cool Things in Earthsim 2

Here are some of cool things that are in the latest Earthsim 2 release.

I will keep this list up-to-date with the new features as they become available to you so you can check them out.

1. Super Hi-Res Moon (added Jan 2011)

We think this is the most detailed real-time rendered version of the moon produced. We keep improving this data as there are new versions being released over time.

From The Moon
More at Earthsim Moon

2. High Res Earth

* We have now upgraded the resolution of the Earths topography to 90M. With Earthsim you can now see some of the most stunning views of the Earth from space available.
* If you are a subscriber and have a 1024MB GPU you can turn on the 'high landscape detail' option in graphics settings to see the very very best possible views.
* Dynamic rendered sea with wave effects, sun and star reflections. You can switch off the sea or change the sea level (right click on the planet to get the popup)

More on the latest High resolution Earth in Earthsim 2

3. High Res Mars surface

* You can go right onto the surface of Mars and explore (ETV or EOS subscription versions only). Things look best if you zoom into the 'terminator' (the join between the light and dark part of the planet) as the lighting gives you stronger contrasts for all the surface features
* We have further detail to add to the Mars surface over the coming months and eventually we will add the Mars rovers.

A crater on the surface of mars in Earthsim 2

Valles Marineris at sunrise in Earthsim 2

4. Topology Views

* We have new topology data for Earth, the Moon and Mars. Its worth having a look close-up at each planet and turning on the topology setting (right click on the planet to get the popup) (ETV or EOS subscription versions only)

A crater on the moon in Earthsim 2 topology view

5. 250,000 stars

* Zoom out to get a look at our closest neighbours
* We have 25 stars in there that we are going to be doing more work on in the coming months
* The next step for Earthsim is to add all the newly discovered Exoplanets and allow you to go and visit all of them.
* Epsilon Eridani currently has two planets and a simple moon you can edit with the planet editor.

Zooming out in Earthsim 2 to see our neighbours

6. Saturn

We have continued to improve both the Saturn and Jupiter system. Here are some of the latest shots and a video of Saturn.

7. ATI Eyefinity support

* Runs on 3 and 6 screen ATI Eyfinity


  1. looks great and runs well on Core2Duo E7200, HD4850